We are a creative tools company.

Our mission is to make professional-level creation accessible to more people.

We believe that AI generation marks a new frontier in computer-generated imagery and by developing tools to steer visual AI generation, we can unleash a million creatives.

The problem

In the blink of an AI we've found ourselves in world where a novice can, in matter of seconds, produce great looking digital images.

However, AI-generated graphics often fall short for the specificities of professional use because of limited artistic control in the creative process. The images look good, but will often not be able to match  precise visual requirements.  

Our work at Blunge aims to change that.

The prevailing mode of image creation with generative AI tools is creation by delegation, where text prompts direct an AI model to generate visuals.

Whilst effective for generating text responses to prompts, on it's own this approach falls short for creating visual assets as it is far more complex than text editing. Touch and strokes are more intuitive and we believe this way we can bridge the gap between AI capabilities and human creativity.

The plan

 We believe to get the image you had in your head on the canvas you have to blend traditional text prompting with touch and 'brush like' strokes, with the added functionality of using tablet pens. We have also found users want a familiar format to provide this input with real time feedback. This has led us to develop an innovative real-time, single canvas system in addition to having a traditional side-by-side input mode to help users bring their ideas to life on the canvas.  

Our first step towards making pro-level creation accessible to more people is by making touch a viable mode for steering AI generation. Through our smart canvas, we're aiming to make the process of creating more friendly and fun. Critically, we also want to give users more control over the ultimate output from AI models, making the process of getting what you want on the screen faster.  

Through our assistive AI tool, we aim to empower users to be more creative with the help of assistive AI, rather than automating away parts of the creative process to 'generative AI'. We believe the role of AI in creativity is not to replace human involvement in the process, but rather to enable people to spend more time on the things they want to.

The opportunity

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If you wish to invest in the work we are doing please reach out to invest@blunge.ai.

If you are a talented developer or designer eager to work at the frontier of AI and creative tools, we invite you to get in touch via work@blunge.ai. We aren't hiring just yet, but we plan to start soon and would be happy to consider you.

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